Zentangle Workshops

Workshops in Brussels

For those of you who live in or near Brussels (yes, in Belgium), and might be interested in taking a Zentangle course, here is my schedule for the first half of 2016.

The courses are held once or twice a month, on Saturdays. Depending on the preferred language of the participants, the courses are currently run in English or French, but I can also offer German, Russian and Latvian. Should you want a course in Dutch, please contact the other Belgian CZTS, eg. Francine Huygen (www.zentangle-art-francine.be).

Unless specified otherwise, workshops are held at
Rue des Confédères 44, 1000 Bruxelles
(next to square Ambiorix, easily accessible by public transport).

For course description and registration form, please scroll down the page.

Course Schedule

Zentangle Basics

on Saturdays, 10am-1pm

December 3

Zentangle Follow-Up

on Saturdays, 2pm-4.30pm

December 3 — Pattern Play and Tangle Transformation

After-Work Meditation (for those who have attended the Basics workshop!)

currently on Wednesdays, 7pm-8pm

Please contact me to check if there is a session this particular week.

To register for a workshop, please scroll down to the contact form at the bottom of the page. Fill out the form, then press the rounded button below left. I will get back to you as soon as possible with further details. Please note that the registration will be finalized only when I’ve received your payment!

Course Descriptions

Zentangle Basics

Saturday morning, 10am — 1pm. Duration 3h (incl. coffee break and question time).

In this course, you will learn enough about the philosophy and the principles of the Zentangle method to continue practicing it on your own. On the practical side, you will learn a number of tangles (Zentangle patterns) and complete at least two beautiful tiles (Zentangle drawings). How do I know they will be beautiful? I just do!

Course fee: 35€ per person (includes all the materials you will need and the refreshments during the break). Bring a friend with you, and pay only 30€ per person! Or book a same-day afternoon follow-up course and pay 60€ for both courses instead of 70!

Zentangle Follow-Up

Saturday afternoon, 2pm — 4.30pm. Duration 2.5h (incl. coffee break and question time).

After you have mastered the basics of Zentangle, you might want to go further and develop your skills. It is strongly recommended to have followed a Basics course before, to be familiar with the principles and terminology of Zentangle.

Follow-Up courses are consecrated to specific techniques and / or materials that can be used in Zentangle, eg.

Pattern Play and Tangle Transformation: Once you learn a basic tangle pattern, you can do so much more with it! We’ll explore different ways to tweak tangles and add some zing by using different strings, shading, distortion techniques… You’ll learn all about tangleations, monotangles and tangoes (aka duotangles), so you never run out of patterns to draw 🙂

Course fee: 35€ per person (includes all the materials you will need and the refreshments during the break). Bring a friend with you, and only pay 30€ per person! Or come to the morning Basics course too, and pay only 60€ for both instead of 70!

Midweek Meditation

Planned almost every week till the end of the year, currently on Wednesdays after work, 7 pm — 8 pm, schedule may change due to my travelling for work.

Duration 1- 1,5h.

Not recommended for beginners! Please complete a Basics course first.

In these sessions, we concentrate on meditational aspects of Zentangle in a calm and relaxing setting. Classic black-on-white tangling, one or several new tangles to learn.

Fee: 10€ p.p. with own supplies, or buy a set of basic supplies (pen, pencil, tiles) for additional 5€.

And some more:

Zentangle party

Have you ever heard of a Tupperware party? Maybe held one yourself? A Zentangle party can be so much more fun!

If you want to host a Zentangle party at your place, you

— invite at least 4 friends (the number depends on how many people can be seated comfortably at your table — with enough elbow room for drawing)
— you provide a calm space where we can draw undisturbed
— I will bring all the supplies and take care of everything needed to have a good time with Zentangle
— count around 3-3,5h for the party (to complete two tiles = drawings, with a possible coffee break and a chat in between)
— the fee for the guests is 25€ per person
— 4 or more paying guests mean you as a host have the course and supplies for free
— if there are more persons in the host household willing to participate (eg., a spouse, a child or a parent), they pay only the supplies indemnity of 10€ per person

Interested? To contact me for further details and the dates available, please scroll down to the contact form.

Private lessons

could be arranged in special circumstances. Please contact me for further details using the form below.


Contact / Registration Form

Please fill out the form, then press on the rounded button below it. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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