Zentangle Follow-Up Workshops

Zentangle Follow-Up

Saturday afternoon, 2pm — 4.30pm. Duration 2.5h (incl. coffee break and question time).

After you have mastered the basics of Zentangle, you might want to go further and develop your skills. It is strongly recommended to have followed a Basics course before, to be familiar with the principles and terminology of Zentangle.

Follow-Up courses are consecrated to specific techniques and / or materials that can be used in Zentangle, eg.

Follow-Up Zendalas: Zendalas are a fusion on Zentangle and mandalas, perfect for meditation and mindfulness exercises. Zendalas can be drawn on original round Zendala tiles, both bank and pre-printed with a string, and of course on any other paper. During the course, we will explore some composition principles of a Zendala, as well as several ways of making your own Zendala template.

Course fee: 35€ per person (includes all the materials you will need and the refreshments during the break). Bring a friend with you, and only pay 30€ per person! Or come to the morning Basics course too, and pay only 60€ for both instead of 70!

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